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Last updated: 8/4/17

Technical and non-technical support

As well as evaluation/review of publicly financed projects and programmes and formative evaluation of software development and implementation projects, audit work has included technical due diligence and working alongside project-planning teams as a "critical friend".

Often, the results of audit work for clients has to remain confidential. When asked to evaluate the DTI's Multimedia Demonstrator Programme (part of the Information Society Initiative), however, Neil did not just compile project data and write an internal report.

Participants in projects funded by the initiative received an 80-page full-colour history of the Programme's highlights which won an Award of Excellence at the Communicators in Business annual awards for its editorial and design (The judge's comments included the fact that 'it even smells nice'!!)

Mentoring and support draws on many years of experience in assembling and managing technical development project teams and a view of interactive media that balances the perspectives of the user, the technologist and the investor.

Having run his own software development company for ten years, Neil understands the software development process and the demands that development teams face. Previous consultancy work has included support during the initial phases of development projects - identifying team members needed, establishing working practices and quality control procedures - through to the final stages of implementation.

Although Neil rarely plays a 'hands on' role within a development team these days, he is particularly adept at working with design teams to ensure that problems are evaluated from a range of different perspectives.

Technology in support of consultancy

Neil is no stranger to Microsoft Office tools or the use of visual basic to make the tools do what is needed. One example that can be found on this site is the dynamic spreadsheet which allows the user to specify a multi-national consortium and explore the areas of cultural similarity and differences. This includes techniques such as user-interface controls, extensive use of lookup tables and automated sorting.

Other tools Neil has built include a set of MS-Access queries for reporting on resource-loading from an MS-Project workplan and a browsing inteface for government classification schema.

For information about those, or other mission-critical solutions like techniques for doing random draws for sailing club or golf club events - drop Neil an email!

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