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Last updated: 8/4/17

Support for Horizon 2020 Bidding Consortia

Neil Sandford has extensive experience of participation in collaborative RTD projects since the mid-1980s and, from the other side of the table, of evaluating and monitoring projects on behalf of the EC.


Should you be doing this?

A tailored face-to-face introduction to Framework Research - the rules, procedures, benefits and risks. Build on what you already know (individually or in a small group) and decide how much more you need to understand in order to make the crucial decision.

Think like an evaluator

Development workshop for an in-house team of proposal writers, using previous failed bids as the basis for a mock evaluation - highlighting the kind of critical errors that can be made in developing project ideas.

Proposal development

During the formative stages of planning your proposal, Neil can help by facilitating meetings with partners intended to scope and plan the proposal and the more detailed workplan. Use of an impartial external facilitator can help each participant achieve their goals more effectively.

The project midwife service (delivering the proposal)

The proposal-preparation process can last for as little as a few weeks or as long as six or more months. During that time, the project being proposed needs to be explained in a way that fits the call for proposals (WHAT you will do), the activities need to be planned and resources identified (HOW you will do it) and the grant justified (WHY you will do it). Neil can act as bid-manager, document-editor, project-planner or critical friend, depending on the type of support you need.

Other support

Proposal pre-screening

The pre-screening process is intended to give the proposal-writer early warning of possible problems as cost-effectively as possible. The pre-screening service simulates the actual EC evaluation process for a near-complete proposal, and delivers concise comments against each evaluation criterion as well as general guidance.

Following an initial screening, further support for viable proposals can be provided by e-mail, phone or face-to-face.

Consortium development

Contact Neil if you are interested in arranging an in-house partnering workshop for your proposed consortium.

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from Neil Sandford and Charles Stubbs